Educational Consulting

Are you feeling like you need a little bit more than tutoring services for your child? Do you feel pressure to find testing options and therapists? Do you know what your school's requirements are for providing your child with learning services? Are you at the beginning of the school admissions process and struggling to make the right choice?

Unfortunately, this is the daily reality for many parents and we understand how overwhelming it can be. Our company's founder has been in the world of Education for over 15 years and she understands the ins and outs of these complicated systems.

Let's get ahead of the curve! Call us today for a complimentary 20-minute phone call. We want to use our expertise in the field to help you feel less overwhelmed and give your our unwavering support.

Our Consulting Services

  • Email, phone and in-person communication with classroom teachers, administrators and learning specialists
  • Customized referrals to esteemed educational therapists and diagnosticians
  • Attending and guiding services for parent/school meetings
  • In-person student observations
  • 504 Plan and IEP support
  • Assistance with educational documentation and submission
  • School selection assistance and consulting

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